Radio station imaging

Think, Create, Feel

We have been producing imaging for over 20 years and worked with some of the biggest commercial and independent radio stations.

Sweepers, stagers, branded intros, promos and We believe that your radio station is unique and your imaging should sound unique too. All our custom imaging is exactly that, custom. We don’t use any templates, your imaging is produced from scratch.  We can produce cost effective radio station imaging elements that will set you out from the rest of the crowd.

We also specialise in imaging for Community Radio stations, Internet Radio and small sky DAB & DAB+. It doesn’t matter what your station size, you’ll get the same great service. We also offer monthly production retainers to deal with all your promos and station sound.

Listen to our work

Size doesn’t matter to us, whether it’s big or small, we like them all. Our highly talented production staff can cope with the mammoth task of full station re-brands. It might seem daunting to you, but we do it on a daily basis. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right voice for your station, selecting the style and pace of your ID’s and if you need some help with scripting your imaging liners, we can do that also. 

We understand that if you’re a small community radio station or a large commercial station, you don’t always have the time or staff to constantly update promos and trails, competition work parts etc. 

That’s not a problem either, we can work on a monthly retainer budget to produce and deliver all the audio you need to make your station sound fresh and exciting.

Our Imaging Elements

We produce lots of different styles of imaging.

We’re all geeks here and Udder and love what we do. So we understand that not everybody knows our geeky radio terms.

So we’ve grouped them into separate demos to help you. Sweepers, stagers, branded intros, music descriptors, out of break idents, beds, donuts and talk overs. They are all here for you to listen to.

If you need any help at all, please feel free to drop into the chat facility at the bottom of the page or to send us a quick email. We’re always to help out.

Free In-house voice over

All our packages come with our in-house voice over free of charge. Lee has been a voice over for over 20 years and is the station voice on many radio stations across the UK, Spain and the USA.

If you would like to us a different voice over, please contact us while ordering so we can can help in choosing a voice.

For more information please visit

Contact: 0161 262 15 14

Email: [email protected]