Commercial Production

Script writing

An amazing radio commercial starts with an amazing script. We can take your basic brief and turn it in to a compelling radio ad that will grab the listeners attention and get your commercial message across. All you have to do is fill out one of our commercial briefs and we'll get to work

Voice Over Talent

We have a massive selection of professional voice over talent at our fingertips. If your script needs a professional sounding male or a 35 year old mother of two, we can find the right voice that will bring your commercial to life.

Royalty Free Music

We have over 40,000 tracks that we are able to use on your commercial. From epic movie trailer music to a happy up beat whimsical melody, we have them all. But if we can't find the piece of music, we can source it.

Client consultation

We offer a client consultation service where we can liase with them through the entire production process. Leaving you time to sell more air time or to concentrate on manage your station. Get in touch with one of our team to discuss pricing for your market and how we can give you the gift of time.

Commercial Demos

We’ve produced thousands of scripts and commercials over the years and it would take you about three days to listen to them all. So we picked out a small selection of some of the most recent commercials currently airing on stations across the UK.

We were approached by the South west’s Goldmine to handle their station imaging and commercial production. The stations users the full commercial service where we liaise with the client sorting out the script writing, voice auditioning and full production of the commercial.

We also deal with ad agencies to deliver commercial production to their clients. 

We have produced a number of commercials for radio stations Channel 103 and Island FM.

Community radio is growing and growing and we have been involved in a number of station to help them produce high quality cosy affective commercials.

To discuss your commercial production requirements simply give us a call, drop us an email or contact us via the chat widget below.

Frequently asked questions

Contact us in the first instance. We can chat through the options that you have. You may want us to just produce the commercial after being handed the script. Or we can handle everything from getting in touch with the client and liaising with them regarding the scrip, voice and music. You can leave everything to us. 

No, we use royalty free production music. Whuch means there are PRS to pay when it is played. We hold all the deatails of the composer and the name of the piece of music used, so if you need to log this on any returns, we can supply it. Some voice overs will charge an extra fee after a length of time has passed but we will let you if this is the case.

This all depends on which package you go for, which station it will be broadcast on, how many voices will be used. A commercial with us can be anywhere between £60 and £130.

We work with lots of voice over artists constantly. It doesn’t matter if you are a DAB station or a small community internet station. You will still have access to the same professional sounding voice overs.

To have a chat about commercial production, please call us or get in touch via our chat facility or email and we can help you through the options.

Contact: 0161 262 15 14

Email: [email protected]