About Us

About Us

Who? Why? What? Where we started and where we are.


Since the year 2000, Udder Media have been producing high quality audio for the radio industry.

Udder started out as ‘Udder Creative Audio Solutions’ back in January 2000.

A studio built up of 2 mini disc players, a mixer and a computer running a Soundblaster audio card. We started Udder as we noticed there was only one or two companies offering audio imaging. We wanted to produce high quality audio productions at prices that everyone could afford, no matter if you were a presenter on hospital radio or outsourcing your commercial production from a city radio station.


From then to now

We now produce high quality audio from our own purpose built studios and office space. With two studios, a dedicated vocal booth and office area for production of scripts and admin.

Our studios have some of the latest software including Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition with iZotope plug in’s. 

We still offer the same great audio at amazing rates. Because we remember how hard it was to purchase affordable station imaging.